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The Balance Rock Farm family is proud to offer you milk from Oakhurst Dairy, Byrne Dairy and our neighboring farm from Lunenburg, Stillman Dairy Farm. 


Oakhurst Dairy is family owned and operated and has been since 1921.
Oakhurst was the first major dairy in America to put the farmers pledge on every milk label "No Artificial Growth Hormone Used".
They have never used any hormones and never will.

Oakhurst Dairy is committed to perfection and has set a record for achieving perfect scores from U.S. government inspectors. They have the most modern and rigorous set of federal standards known as HACCP- Hazardous and Critical Control Points. They are one of only 12 dairies in the country to have implemented these quality standards.

Oakhurst Dairy donates 10% of their profits to children's charities and environmental organizations throughout New England. They have signed onto the Governor's Carbon Challenge, making theirs one of the first fleets to run on BioDiesel.

The Oakhurst Dairy products we offer are:
1 1/2 %
Heavy Cream
Light Cream
1/2 & 1/2
Whipping Cream


For more information on Oakhurst Dairy please visit their website:



Byrne Dairy is a family owned and managed company that has been in the dairy business since 1933. They secure their milk supply from over 170 family farmers who pledge to be bovine growth hormone free. Byrne Dairy was named "Safest Fleet in New York State" in 2008. Byrne Dairy, being mindful of the environment, employs resource recovery for plastics, paper, glass and milk crates, waste water recovery and packaging reductions and redesigns.

For more information on Byrne Dairy please visit their website at



Stillman Dairy Farm

Stillman Dairy Farm is now bottling their own grass fed jersey milk in Balance Rock Farm quart bottles. This milk is produced without the use of artificial growth hormones. We offer their milk in skim, lowfat, whole, chocolate and strawberry. 

We are proud to support Stillman Dairy Farm, a local family farm in Lunenburg, Ma. Please visit their web site for more information about their farm.


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